What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words,
“ A Tiny and affordable computer that you can use for fun experiments”?

The first thing that came to my mind was Rasberry PI. I was about to order one…, but that’s when I realized that the old phone which I was using as a “media consumption device” (a fancy name for Youtube player), is in fact more powerful than the Rasberry PI…eureka!!

An Old smartphone is tiny and affordable ( affordable because I already own one ) computer, which is exactly what I’m looking…

In the previous blog we’ve learnt about What Angular is, Why we are learning it and the different versions of Angular. Now let us learn How to work with Angular in this blog.

Setting up the Angular Project

In order to setup an Angular project we will first need to install Angular CLI.

Angular CLI is an official Command Line Interface for Angular, it provides us with very useful commands which we can use to create a new application, generate library code and also perform development tasks like testing, bundling, optimization and it even has a server so we can build and serve our code…

Made this meme myself, characters are from Spongebob

What is Git Bisect ?

Git Bisect — use binary search to find the commit that introduced a bug.

Git Bisect is a handy tool used for debugging, it uses Binary Search to go through the previous commits to find out the exact commit that introduced the regression/bug in the code.

How to use Git Bisect

TL;DR version:

Start - Git Bisect you’ll need to provide it with a last known Good commit and a Bad commit. ( you can ignore the SHA for bad commit if the current HEAD is corrupted )

$ git bisect start
git bisect bad
git bisect good <sha_of_goodcommit>

Git Bisect has now begun and…

Image Source: Angular Logo from https://angular.io/presskit

This is a series of Angular Tutorials.

What is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework which allows you to create reactive Single Page Applications

Let’s break this down, A Single Page Application or SPA for short is just one html file with a bunch of JavaScript files that dynamically rewrite the contents of the web-page ( the html file ), this makes the pages reactive meaning the data is fetched from the server only when the user asks for it and the process runs in the background making user experience really smooth.

Angular uses Typescript which is a super set…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Note: I’m writing this blog in my early twenties, so my perspective might change at a later point of time. My main motive for writing this blog is to keep a record of my thought process at different stages of life, think of this as a Time Capsule that I’m writing for myself.

Okay, let’s begin…

Starting with the WHY

Why do I feel unhappy right now? and Why am I doing this analysis?

Here’s why: I’ve noticed that every morning I wake up feeling anxious, tired and just plain unmotivated. This has been happening for quite a while now, I’ve just realized this…

What is Design Mode?

The Design Mode is a browser specific property that allows us to directly edit the document ( website’s text contents ), by default this property is set to the off state. To enable this mode open the developer console for your browser, and then type document.designMode="on".

The practical use of this mode is for designers to make quick edits in order to get feedback from clients, but…. that’s boring! Let’s look at some fun uses for this mode:

1. Make memes creatively

Lack of photoshop skills shouldn’t stop your creativity, use designMode to create memes from websites and news articles. …

Made this on imgflip, source: Spongebob Cartoon Show

So the other day I came across this error while uploading a CSV file where Github says that it won’t accept files which are greater than 100mb.

GIF from giphy

Yup, starting from python version 3.7 dictionary order is guaranteed to be insertion order. Does that mean OrderedDict is useless now? Not really, there are a few differences which i’ll explain at the end, First let’s talk about the new python 3.7+ dicts.

contestants = { 'Randy Orton': 'Red', 'Dwayne Johnson' : 'Blue' }contestants['Jhon Cena'] = 'Red'
contestants['Dave Bautista'] = 'Blue'
del contestants['Dwayne Johnson']
# for python 3.7+ the output is {'Randy Orton': 'Red', 'Jhon Cena': 'Red', 'Dave Bautista': 'Blue'}

How’s this even possible?

A simple Hash Table consists of key-value pair arranged in pseudo random order based on the calculations from…

What is Big O?

Simply put, it is a way of measuring the scalability of your code. The keyword here is measure, and Big O determines how your code runs when the initial data is changed, say from 100 items to 100 million items. It answers questions like:

  • Will the program still take the same time to run even if data set is changed
  • Will the program require more space for computation (Note: initial data set is not considered when calculating space complexities)

Why should I calculate Big O of a code?

Consider this example — you and your friend “Billy” are tasked with writing a program to sort an array of 1…

What is Copy Me app?

Basically it’s a GUI based app for transferring files between devices in local network ( wifi / ethernet ). There are multiple ways to do this so why make this? I’ll explain :

  • SCP way : We can transfer files using scp like so scp <file> <destination_ip>:<path> . But the problem here is that I need to find the IP of the destination device manually using ip/ifconfig… ( Laziness +1 )
  • External device ( pen drive ) : A more traditional way would be to just use a pendrive to transfer files but for this I need to get up…

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