Fun uses for Google’s “document.designMode=on ”

Pavan Skipo
2 min readAug 1, 2020

What is Design Mode?

The Design Mode is a browser specific property that allows us to directly edit the document ( website’s text contents ), by default this property is set to the off state. To enable this mode open the developer console for your browser, and then type document.designMode="on".

The practical use of this mode is for designers to make quick edits in order to get feedback from clients, but…. that’s boring! Let’s look at some fun uses for this mode:

1. Make memes creatively

Lack of photoshop skills shouldn’t stop your creativity, use designMode to create memes from websites and news articles. Let me show you an example:

2. Win arguments by bending the facts

Losing an argument ? quickly edit a wikipedia article, send it to your opponent and then leave that place immediately.

3. Name a Street after you

Want to have a city named after you but don’t have an army to conquer it ? just change names on map and show off to your friends (this is kinda sad tbh) or if you feel extra evil, create fake address and tell your friends to meet you there.

4. Create funny translations

Create random translations and mess with your friends

5. Add 100$ billion to your bank account

You can edit your bank balance ( virtually, doesn’t reflect in the real world ) to prank your friends. Remember, The changes you made can be printed by pressing ctrl+p

These are just some of the fun things that I came up with, now that you know the secret go wild! use your creativity and make something amazing.



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