What is “Copy Me” app and How to use it?

Pavan Skipo
2 min readMay 14, 2020

What is Copy Me app?

Basically it’s a GUI based app for transferring files between devices in local network ( wifi / ethernet ). There are multiple ways to do this so why make this? I’ll explain :

  • SCP way : We can transfer files using scp like so scp <file> <destination_ip>:<path> . But the problem here is that I need to find the IP of the destination device manually using ip/ifconfig… ( Laziness +1 )
  • External device ( pen drive ) : A more traditional way would be to just use a pendrive to transfer files but for this I need to get up and find a pendrive first…(Laziness +2)
  • File transfer applications ( Airdroid, share it ) : Good approach, more secure but extra step for me to register the devices manually, I want the devices to register themselves…( Laziness +3 )

And that’s why this app is built, it can find IP addresses within local network and registers itself, all we have to do is just drag and drop the files.

How to use it?

Download the app from github : Download

Do this on both source and destination devices.

  1. Install the dependencies using npm, npm install .
  2. Run npm start to start the application.
  3. Open any browser and go to http://localhost:3000/ .
COPY ME usage

What’s next?

Right now this app is required to be run on both source and destination devices, later I’ll try to add functionality by which it is not required to be run on destination device.



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